Black Martine Sitbon

That a pair of shoes Mimi da deer do you have?

Black Martinesitbon

With the South Korean popular women's team Red Velvet return, in song "Dumb Dumb", we saw this pair of shoes aliases deer shoes BLACK Martine SITBON.
Yes, it is that one twin had the same shoes!

Black MartinesitbonBlack Martinesitbon

This pair of shoes from Casablanca and active in the Paris fashion designer Martine SITBON. It is characterized as a set of three.
Privately, Red Velvet combination of members will choose to dress this shoe.

Black MartinesitbonBlack MartinesitbonBlack Martinesitbon

National sister IU during filming, also chose this double BLACK Martine SITBON.

Black MartinesitbonBlack MartinesitbonBlack Martinesitbon

Show wisdom when recording Korean variety "Invincible Youth", occasionally wearing shoes in extraordinary personality to match clothes.
Always very sexy on stage Xiao Lin, a very simple nowadays will choose what clothes, dress themselves.
G.NA can be called sexy fashion Daren, a casual and comfortable look, the same foot with a silver deer shoes, black and gray one is really nice.

Black Martinesitbon

Unique design style sought after by young people, and soon in the minds of consumers occupy an important position. Like a piercing street children, so I do not know how people are wondering, let people know that you understand how to catch up with fashion trends, such a pair of stylish and modern shoes, you want it?

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